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Top 5 Reasons to Eat Microgreens

There are many reasons why people choose to add microgreens into their diets. From professional chefs to family meal time, more and more people are adding microgreens into the many ways we eat.


Here are 5 of our favourite reasons WHY we think microgreens should make their way into your next meal:

1. Loads of Nutrition in Each Tiny Bite

Microgreens are best known for being more ‘nutrient dense’ than their mature counterparts. That basically means you can eat less to get more! Microgreens are said to contain 4-40x the nutrient density than

their mature counterparts. 


Microgreens are an excellent source of vitamins (like Vit A, C, and K), minerals (like iron, zinc and copper) and polyphenols (micronutrients that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities). All these nutrients help different parts of our body and mind stay healthy. For example, polyphenols have been shown to reduce chronic inflammation and its associated risk for chronic disease.


Nutrient deficiency is a common problem in our modern world. There are many reasons WHY we aren’t getting the nutrients we need in our daily meals, the fact is, we aren’t. Whether you know a kid that just doesn’t like veggies, a senior that doesn’t have a huge appetite, or a busy professional that can’t find the time to make healthy meals, getting our Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamins and minerals is difficult. With microgreens, we know that these powerful little seedlings are packed full of all the nutrients we need to be healthy and strong. Even a small sprinkling of them onto your next help can dramatically increase your nutrient intake.

2. Fresh Veggies All Year Round

Super Donkey Acres microgreens are grown in the ever changing climate of Alberta, Canada. With an incredibly short growing season, for months of the year we rely on fruits and vegetables that are trucked from far-away places into our local grocery stores. This means that the nutrients and flavours in these products are lower than when they were first picked. Which could mean that you aren’t getting out of it what you think you are. They also don’t have the same fresh taste as something picked straight from the garden.


Our microgreens are grown in soil indoors 365 days per year. We work hard to deliver them to our customers on the same day they are harvested. This means their nutritional value is as close to ‘fresh’ as it can be. We want everyone to eat their veggies. But more importantly, we want to provide veggies that are as fresh as possible so you are getting the maximum flavour and nutrition from each delicious bite.

3. Supporting Healthy Living

We all know that eating veggies is good for us. But how good? Fortunately there are countless research articles that detail the benefits of a diet high in vegetables. Whether your goals are boosting your immunity, reducing your risk of chronic disease, maintaining a healthy weight, adding more fibre into your diet, supporting healthy aging, or just trying to live a healthy lifestyle, adding more nutrient rich veggies into your daily meals can greatly help towards those goals.


Supporting healthy living may mean prevention or healing from chronic disease. Some of the best known benefits of eating microgreens are linked to reducing heart disease, battling cancer, vision support, and improved digestion. These claims aren’t tied to microgreens specifically, but more to the nutrients that are so abundant in microgreens. For generations we have known that food can also be our medicine. Microgreen veggies and herbs have so much nutrition packed in that they should definitely be part of your healthy living toolkit.


Part of healthy living means reducing your exposure to harmful pesticides and herbicides. Because our microgreens are grown in a controlled environment, we do not use ANY pesticides or herbicides. Our seeds are mainly organic and we use organic soil in each batch. We aim to grow as organic as possible and with our small batch process you can be sure your microgreens are well monitored with safety and cleanliness as top priorities.


At Super Donkey Acres we strive to provide a healthy environment for our own families, our customers, and our community members. That means making meals rich in the nutrients that nourish both body and mind and building meaningful connections with the people and animals around us. Serving microgreens to our own families, and to yours, is our way of supporting the people we care about with their efforts towards healthy living.

4. Flavour, Colour & Flexibility

Microgreens are versatile little power houses. There are countless ways that we love to use microgreens, every day.


First, the flavours! With hundreds of microgreen options the flavour profiles can vary widely. Microgreens are not only vegetables, but herbs as well. Just like with the herbs you commonly use, microgreens can be used in the same way. Some are a very subtle flavour, which means they blend well into dishes without overpowering the flavour of the meal. Others can provide beautiful enhancement with spicy or nutty flavour profiles. Our microgreen blends are designed to complement different dishes so the overall taste is richer and more vibrant.


Speaking of vibrant, how about the colours! It’s amazing what a dash of ruby red or bright yellow or vivid green can do to the appearance of a dish. Adding colourful microgreens to a meal is both pleasing to the eye and the tummy. When looking at a dish, one that pops to the eye and the taste-buds can make all the difference in how you enjoy it. Especially for kids!


And lastly, microgreens are so flexible that they can be added, well, into almost anything. With such variety in flavours, textures, and colours the way you use them is boundless. Some of our favourite places to add microgreens are in soups, salads, pizzas,  sandwiches, smoothies, curries, stews, stir-fries, sauces, pastas, wraps, meat dishes, veg dishes, and legume dishes. Many of our customers even eat fistfuls of them all on their own. Sunflowers and kohlrabi are especially known for that! 


Whether you are looking to add some spicy microgreens to your next stir fry, blending more neutral MGs into your smoothies, or enhancing the appearance of your holiday dinners with bright colours, we can help you find and dine with the microgreens that best suit your needs.

5. Local & Accessible

Depending where you live, we know it can be difficult to access fresh veggies and herbs in your local area. With many urban farms popping up, access to microgreens is helping to close that gap, especially in big cities where farmland is far away.


Our aim is to serve our local area with local options and open to anyone. Our wholesale customers include restaurants, caterers, daycares, retirement homes, pet stores, offices, and cafes. Our home-based subscription model allows anyone in our local area access to fresh microgreens right at their doorstep. By also attending markets throughout the year we hope to reach local consumers as well as people passing through.


Whether you are a business wanting to provide flavour, colour, and nutrition to your customers or a home chef wanting to make meal time healthier and more colourful, we want to work with you to make sure you have access to the freshest, tastiest, and most nutritious microgreens around.

But please, don’t just believe us. Here are some links to some of our favourite sites about MGs nd their benefits:


What can I do with MicroGreens?

We’re glad you asked. MicroGreens are so versatile that they can be added into almost any dish or drink you can think of. Some of our favourites are:

Sandwiches & Wraps

  • Either open or closed faced, tossing a sprinkling into sandwiches can make for a refreshing addition

  • SDA Favourites: adding Mustard MGs into a roasted veggie panini or topping cheese toast with a handful of arugula

Soups & Stews

  • MGs can be chopped up, blended in, or sprinkled on top just ahead of being served. 

  • SDA favourites include: broccoli MGs in cream of mushroom soup or ruby radish in a classic Irish stew


  • Can be added to a fresh green salad as toppers or create a whole salad made of an MG blend

  • SDA Favourites: topping a mango salad with Kohlrabi MGs or our signature salad mix blend with a balsamic dressing

Smoothies & Juices

  • Packing more micronutrients into your daily smoothie is a must for anyone

  • SDA Favourites: sunflower shoots into berry & almond butter smoothies or amaranth MGs into a zesty citrus orange & strawberry shake.


  • Tossing in MGs as your stir fry is almost done will allow them to blend with all the flavours of your dish

  • SDA favourites: Swiss chard in a rapini, arlic and pine nut stir fry or watercress in a thai style chicken curry stirfry

Sauces & Dressings

  • Enhance any sauce by adding MG herbs to boost flavours and nutrition

  • SDA Favourites: Adding cilantro MGs to a lime dressing or adding spicy arugula into a classic tomato sauce


  • A subtle hint of green or red can go a long way to enriching a delicious pasta dish

  • SDA Favourites: Pea shoots mixed into a hearty Pasta Fagioli or watercress MGs chopped up into your rich ravioli dish

Meat Dishes

  • Whether it is white meat, dark meat, a fish dish, MGs pair beautifully with your main course meat entrees

  • SDA Favourites: Smoked chicken thighs topped with mizuna MGs or our signature spicy MG blend mixed into a warm goat curry

Vegetarian Dishes

  • Adding MG veggies and herbs to a vegetarian dish can ‘bold up’ even the most tame vegetables

  • SDA Favourites: Roasted red peppers stuffed with an MG radish trio or balancing spicy Kung Pao Cauliflower with alfalfa MGs


  • When serving snacks before a meal, MGs can elevate many appetizers

  • SDA Favourites: Spicy mustard MGs with salsa and tortillas or watercress MGs into stuffed mushroom caps


  • When thinking of pizza toppings, MGs should always be part of the conversation

  • SDA Favourites: Perilla MGs for added spice on a meatlover's pizza or mung bean MGs for added richness on a vegetarian slice


  • Elevate your taco game with zesty herbs to complement any filling

  • SDA Favourites: Sorrel MGs to add a tangy citrus to chicken tacos or fava bean MGs for a sweet, nutty addition to beef tacos

Even drop it in your oatmeal and muesli

  • Breakfast can have veggies too! MGs with subtle or sweet flavours will go nearly undetected at breakfast time

  • SDA Favourites: Sweet Beet MGs chopped up into your favourite muesli or clover MGs to add a nutty hint to your oatmeal with dried fruit

super donkey acres microgreens
super donkey acres microgreens
super donkey acres microgreens
super donkey acres microgreens
super donkey acres microgreens
super donkey acres microgreens
super donkey acres microgreens
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