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Christina & Elisa

Chris Ambrock Super Donkey Acres

Christina Ambrock

Hi! I’m Christina Ambrock and for the last 15 years I’ve been passionate and committed to whole and healthy living. In 2008 I was tired – all the time. I felt as though each leg was made of bricks and it was trying just to get up and down the stairs. That was when I had my first consultation with a naturopath that changed the direction of my physical and mental health forever!

I found out I had celiac disease and my tolerance for gluten was zippo. I pretty much thought life was over if I couldn't have bread! But soon I found that healthy eating doesn’t have to taste like cardboard – it can be full of flavours, vitamins and minerals to fuel our bodies and it can be FUN!

Because our growing season is so darn short here in Cochrane I needed to find ways to get fresh, wholesome nutrients into my body year-round but I didn’t have a fortune to spend. That’s when Super Donkey Acres was born and we started growing our own Microgreens.

Super Donkey Acres MicroGreens add the flavour to gluten free bread, they add the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants I need to thrive, and they are just plain FUN!

My desire to feed our family whole foods straight from the farm is what has driven me to create Super Donkey Acres. I believe everyone should have access to healthy choices year-round - without breaking the bank.


We take pride in creating strong relationships with our customers and ensuring their families can be as healthy as possible. 

super donkey acres microgreens Elisa Maruzzo

Elisa Maruzzo

Hey there! My name is Elisa Maruzzo and I am so excited to connect with you about Super Donkey Acres and our flagship product – Microgreens!


Coming from a big city and having health issue after health issue growing up, I knew I wanted to end up digging in dirt to produce healthy, tasty food that nourishes the body and mind. This passion was sparked by my grandparents – one set that loved playing in nature and the other set that grew an enormous veggie garden every year. I experienced first-hand what a difference it is to have food grown, picked, and plated using the farm-to-table method. Now carrying on that tradition, I truly love playing in the garden, tending to the plants, observing the bees at work, and harvesting food that I know will support my families health in every way.


As a forever athlete and with a background in Kinesiology, I have spent most of my personal efforts and professional pursuits supporting healthy active living. 

All the research I have done supports the notion that everyone does better when the fuel they put into their bodies is nutritious and delicious. Pair that with being active in ways that make you feel strong and happy, I know that we can accomplish anything!


Now having two young kids of my own, I am even more aware of the value on growing bodies and minds that healthy eating can play. Making small changes that have big impacts is a great place to start – and MicroGreens provides exactly that!


I hope you enjoy exploring our site to learn about MicroGreens and how they can benefit your own healthy living goals. And if you have any questions, we are just a phone call away.


"Having the opportunity to work with a great partner, on a beautiful farm, in an amazing community, and with a product I am so passionate about, is a dream come true. I have always worked hard to share the benefits of healthy living with those around me. Now that we have a product like microgreens to bring to our community I feel like we can help others live healthier lives with the greatest of ease. I look forward to talking with our customers about new ways to use these delicious veggies and hear how it is making a difference in their lives. I strongly believe that meal times are very important as they power you up for all the tasks you need to accomplish each day. Whether it is a sit down meal with family, a special occasion at a restaurant, or a smoothie on the go, it would be a great honour to have our microgreens join you at your next meal. "


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