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Our Story

What started out as a shared love of
donkeys and healthy living, soon became a friendship and business partnership between two neighbours in the rolling foothills of the Canadian Rockies.

About Super Donkey Acres

Christina and Elisa met serendipitously when they both moved to Cochrane, AB to live out the acreage dream. From neighbourly connection to learning of each other’s interests to ‘live off the land’ they discussed one day building a business together. That one day has turned into a long term vision of creating a working farm that can feed people all around them.


So, why donkeys you ask? Well, donkeys have played a leading role in the lives of both Christina and Elisa. Christina’s love for donkeys was awakened after a friend coined their family team ‘Super Donkey’. Since then donkeys have played an important role in her life, even including purchasing their current acreage largely due to the fact that it had four donkeys already! Elisa first met a donkey near her parents farm as a child. That introduction has grown into a passion to be surrounded by these long eared gentle creatures as much as possible. From taking road trips to visit both donkey sanctuaries in Canada to living on farms that have donkeys walking freely on the property, being part of a business that embodies the donkey spirit was a choice seemingly meant to be.


With small scale farming experience, business knowledge, culinary connections, and the spirit of Louie the donkey guiding us along, Super Donkey Acres aims to be your trusted resource for fresh and tasty farm fresh goods. 


We are always interested in meeting our neighbours and making new friends, so if you have questions or would like to connect, drop us a line any time.

We love talking all things food and farm!

Meet Christina

When not working in the microgreen fields, Christina can be found snuggling with her growing herd of farm animals, creating pottery masterpieces, and playing music with her husband and two wonderful daughters.


Meet Elisa

Elisa splits her time away from the farm between playing hockey, rolling in jiu jitsu, and playing tag with her husband and two free range kids.

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