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Microgreens Grow Kits

Coming Soon!

Our Microgreens Grow Kits are almost ready for you to take home to start your own microgreens garden! 

Grow your own greens!

One of the goals at Super Donkey Acres is to share the joy of growing and eating your own food. We want YOU to dig in the dirt of your own garden and grow your own Microgreens right from your home or office. 

What's included:

Our Microgreens Grow Kits contain everything you need to start your own microgreens garden - a compostable pot, soil, seeds, and instructions. All you need is a sunny window and 7-10 days later, you can harvest! 

We have 3 exciting varieties for you to choose from: 

Bangin' Broccoli

Poppin' Peas

Mighty Mighty Mix

Want to see how it all works?

Check out our Growing Guide video where Christina walks you through the whole process.

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