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Mighty Bites
Freeze Dried Goodies 

We are thrilled to announce our newest product offerings of Freeze Dried Goodies to 

tantalize your tastebuds while nourishing your body and mind.

You can find Mighty Bites at Farmers' Leaf in Cochrane, AB. 

If you are interested in wholesale orders, please contact


Fresh batch of delicious Organic Strawberries going through the freeze drying process


Super Donkey Duo Christina & Elisa are all business, all the time (clearly). 

What is freeze drying?

Freeze drying is a method of preserving and preparing food that not only locks in more nutrition than other food preservation methods, it also makes food more functional so that it can match your lifestyle and healthy living goals. 

Our foods are put through a 3-stage process that uses freezing and low-temperature drying to lock in flavour and nutrition better than other preservation method. Each batch can take anywhere from 24-48 hrs to complete because the drying process uses a 'low and slow' method to make sure the majority of nutrients in the food are not damaged by high heats.  All of the moisture is removed from the food, so our packages are extremely lightweight and do not need to be refrigerated. 


An added bonus is that NOTHING is artificial added - there are NO additives, preservatives, colours, flavours, stabilizers, oils, or added sugars... Just 100% real food.

What makes Mighty Bites so great? 

You can eat Mighty Bites in their freeze dried form (freeze dried strawberries are amazing snacks!), reconstitute them with water for easy meals, or store them away for emergencies.

They make for healthy snacks, faster meal prep, efficient food storage, and delicious new treats!

All freeze dried products are shelf stable and can last for 25-30 years (*when stored correctly). Whether you want to snack on organic strawberries at work, need clean fuel for hiking the Canadian Rockies, want a better way to preserve your garden harvest, or are looking to store food in your pantry for those 'just in case' moments, our Mighty Bites Freeze Dried Goodies can be with you

every step of the way. 


Did you know we do everything by hand? It's loads of work, but we love it! 


Unboxing of our newest freeze dryer: Big Beefy Boy. He is going to ramp things up in a big way! 


Mighty Bites Collection 

Check out below for information about our current Mighty Bites Collection. We are always experimenting with new items so check back often to see what else we have come up with. Have an idea of something you would like freeze dried? Let us know! We love trying new things.

Our main offerings include: Fruits, Vegetables, Cheeses, Meats, Smoothie Bites, and Ice Cream (That's right, just like the astronauts eat)

We want to give a huge shoutout to Tieran Green Photography for the deliciously beautiful photos of our Mighty Bites. He is an amazing person to work with!

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