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Small but mighty, our flagship product is an easy, healthy, and delicious addition to any dish. Microgreens are not only tasty, but also an excellent source of nutrients... they're sure to give your recipes, and your body, a little kick!

Learn more about the benefits of microgreens or visit our shop to grab your own today.

Microgreens Grow Kits

Want to try your hand at growing your own microgreens? Our Grow Kits are the perfect opportunity to grow your greens from seed to harvest. Our kits contain everything you need to start your own garden.

View our how-to guide here, or visit our shop to purchase your Microgreens Grow Kit.

Coming Soon! 

Freeze Dried Goodies

Fruits, veggies, meats, and more! Prepare them for meals, or eat them as is. These delicious treats are a tasty and healthy way to snack on your favourite foods. And, they can be stored away for years — if you can even resist the temptation that long!

Our Freeze Dried Goodies will be available in our store shortly. Or, click here to learn more about these delectable treats.

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