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Your pets deserve the very best. That's why we source local Elk & Bison organ meats from Uncle Bernie's All Natural Meats to make our pet treats.

Organ meats are rich in B vitamins, minerals such as Iron, and are more nutrient dense than muscle meats. They are an excellent source of clean and lean protein and are underutilized in North American cuisine. We think this is a perfect win-win usage for a nose-to-tail philosophy so that no part of an animal goes to waste.


With no fillers or additives, you can treat your pet with this Super healthy option. An excellent choice for any pet with allergies to other meat varieties, grains, or soy. Also helps with weight management as organ meats are incredibly lean. Our pet treats are 100% human grade meats because we know you want your pet to eat the very best.


Use as a topper at meal time or as a high value training treat. Bite sized for even your smallest pets and super easy to chew. We know your pet will be begging for more!

Elk & Bison Organ Meat Pet Treats

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