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You may not have guessed it but, Freeze Dried Cheese is amazing! Available in both Old and Mild, these cheesy bites are both crunchy and creamy. A taste experience not to be missed!


Perfect for anyone wanting a high protein  and healthy fats snack that is portable (no refrigeration needed) and lightweight.


Everyone has those sad childhood memories of warm, mushy, cheese snacks in the bottom of your backpack. Well, not any more! Tasty cheese on the go can be your new reality. It won't get mushy or soggy and only melts in your mouth.


We use these as croutons on salads, crumbled up on top of sandwiches, mixed into pasta dishes or as a high protein and healthy fats snack at the office, at school, or in the wilderness. 

Cheddar Cheese Mighty Bites

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