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These are a must try! Our fan favourite Pickled Jalapeño pepper slices clear your sinuses and leave you with a gentle heat that pairs beautifully with meats and cheeses. Add these to your  next charcuterie board for a spicy good time! Makes for a fun crunchy topping on sandwiches and burgers especially. 


Something magical happens when you freeze dry a pickled pepper. The secret is in the pepper, and the result is unforgettable! 


Jalapeño peppers are  rich in Vitamin C, fibre, and Vitamin B6 but what really sets them apart from other veggies is the spicy compound, Capsaicin. Known to boost metabolism it is also linked to studies looking at their positive effects with anti-cancer properties, preventing stomach ulcers, fighting infections, and heart health.


We all could use a little more spice in our lives, and these powerful peppers are a Super way to tantalize your senses while adding more health benefits to your meals.


They also make great gifts! We get many people sending us videos of their friends and family enjoying these positively powerful peppers. After their initial reaction, they look at the camera smiling, teary eyed, and say with surprise 'that was so good!'

Pickled Jalapeño Mighty Bites

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