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Re-imagine how lemons can be used with our Super cool Lemon Slices!


Adding lemons to your tea or water bottle boosts digestion, adds Vitamin C, and aids hydration. No messy lemons to cut up or refrigerate, just drop in a slice each day and away you go. Many people know they need to drink more water, and adding lemon to your water can help give that boost of flavour and nutrients to make it more enjoyable valuable.


Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning is also an excellent way to manage metabolism, aid digestion, support your liver, and re-hydrate after a long sleep.


And did you know, these are also yummy and beneficial to eat? When people are anxious or in high stress times, nibbling on something sour has been used as a technique to help re-focus the mind and manage emotions during those times. Many people use sour candies but we think a healthy bite of lemon will give you all those mindful benefits without the added sugars or chemicals in candies. Give them a try the next time your are feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

This humble lemon may help you re-focus, re-hydrate, and remember how Super you are!

Lemon Slices Mighty Bites

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