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Louie - The Super Donkey

We would like to introduce you to our humble and hilarious mascot, Louie the Super Donkey.

super donkey acres microgreens Louie

Louie has been at Super Donkey Acres since the beginning and embodies the values which our business is built upon.


Donkeys aren’t as well known for their positive attributes, and we would like to share with you why being a Super Donkey is something we strive for every day.


Donkeys are best known for being hard working and stubborn. Just like them, the team at SDA work tirelessly to ensure our products and services match our efforts. We will not rest until the job is done right, meaning our product is the best and our customers are thrilled.


What you may not know is that donkeys are also extremely loyal, excellent protectors, watchful, trustworthy, determined, kind, playful, humble, friendly, eager to learn, and pack leaders.

Under the watchful eyes of Louie, the team at SDA continue our work with these values in mind. We are determined to be market leaders, trusted by our customers, innovative in our services, humble in our journey, and loyal to our vision of creating local microgreens options to nourish our community.

super donkey acres microgreens Louie
super donkey acres microgreens Louie
Louie and Mama
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